Food Pantry

Food Pantry:

Location: 250 S Vine, Seymour, IN 47274

Our current pantry hours:

Monday 10-3PM
Thursday 12-5PM

Participation Requirements:

If you don’t have an ID, Clients will be considered residents of Indiana by self-declaration (no ID required) the first visit.

By the 2nd visit you need to bring an ID, library card, bill or something to show that you are a resident of Jackson County.

Clients will be served once every 30 days.

To Anchor House, that means if you come on the 10th of one month you are not eligible again until the 10th of the following month. If that date on the following month is not one of our pantry days then you must wait until the next open pantry date to be served.

If you are not a resident of Jackson County you will be served ONE time only. You will also be given food pantry information for your respective county.

Income Guidelines:
As we receive USDA Commodities we are required to use their financial guidelines for service.
Effective April 1, 2014

 Household Size  Household Monthly Income  Household Annual Income
 1  $1,860  $22,311
 2  $2,504  $30,044
 3  $3,149  $37,777
 4  $3,793  $45,510
 5  $4,437  $53,243
 6  $5,082  $60,976


Our goal is to allow each family to shop for a three day food supply. The number of items you are allowed is related to the number of people that live in your household (One shopper per family).

All families will have 16 points to spend on food items. Meat breakdown is 1 in family = 1 meat, 2+ in family = 2 meats.  We have fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and bakery bread as well as a free shelf that most often will contain some hygiene items.

This items are available to you through the gracious gifts of private donors, churches, local businesses, food drives, USDA Commodities, grants, United Way Dollars, Trustee Dollars.


Anchor House
250 S. Vine St.
P. O. Box 765
Seymour, IN 47274
 Office: 812-522-9308
Fax: 812-524-0803

Staffed Shelter Hours:
Mon through Sat 9-5PM
Evenings from 6-10PM
 Pantry Hours:
Monday 10-3PM

Thursday 12-5PM

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