Clothing Vouchers

Clothing Vouchers:

We have clothing voucher with a value of $5 to $20 each and are spendable at any Bridgepointe Goodwill in Southern,IN. Our local Bridgepointe Goodwill is at 1857 E. Tipton, Seymour, IN 47274.

Vouchers will be given out 9-5PM Monday through Friday:

You can receive vouchers once in a six month time frame.

You will need to bring a picture ID to receive vouchers. You will need to also show this ID to goodwill in order to spend the voucher.

If you do not have a picture ID, you will need to bring a library card, bill showing your name and current address. Anchor House will then write a letter to Goodwill asking that you be allowed to ‘spend’ your voucher with this verification. This is a one time deal. Picture ID will be required after that.

If you lose or hold onto the voucher past its expiration date (usually the end of June or the end of December) you will NOT be given a replacement voucher. We assume if you need the voucher you will also spend it in the appropriate time frame.

How to help:

Finally cleaning out that closet, kids have outgrown clothes, getting rid of your hubby’s old shirt(while he isn’t looking of course), gather it all up and take it to goodwill and donate it in honor of Anchor House!!! This donation equates to voucher(s) that are mailed to Anchor House monthly and we in turn can give them out to those in need!

What an amazing opportunity to give,especially if you are in receipt of a voucher. When you go to spend it, take some of your outgrown clothing and donate it in Anchor Houses name. It will keep the voucher circle going round and round.

This is the donation that never stops giving! You give you get, you get you give!

Executive Director

The Anchor House Family Assistance Center and Pantry (Anchor House) is seeking an Executive Director to join our team. This is a fulltime salaried position located in Seymour, IN……. click here for additional information
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